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Ofsted update

Following the Parents' Forum meeting last month, where several points were raised we would like to update you all on our progress.

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Year 9 had an extremely successful day working with a variety of interesting experts.

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4/9/14 13:42PM revised 15/09/14 10:10AM

Our first week of the term!  Students have settled back into their classes quickly.  A great deal of work has taken place over the holidays to ensure that we are ready for the new academic year.  We are pleased to welcome new staff and new students to the school.  We are checking carefully on punctuality and uniform.  Your support is very important for both of these issues.  We have increased our numbers in Year 7 to accommodate the extra applications this year.  Post 16 numbers have also increased.  This is our last year of working in The Kingswood Partnership.  However, we are very pleased that we are starting a new partnership with Wellsway Sixth Form.  This year we will have a small number of Year 12s in joint classes with Wellsway.  We are planning an expansion of this collaboration next year.


We have introduced a new, online system for logging homework, called Show My Homework.  Please check to see that your sons or daughters are completing homework on time.

Examination results

Congratulations to the many students who succeeded in their examinations this summer.  We are delighted for Year 13 students who secured their university places and wish them well in their new courses.  We were pleased to see improvements in AS results this year and a substantial improvement in vocational level 3 courses.  As you can see from the results for GCSE, we have seen an improvement in 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics, up to 57%.  We were very pleased that Mathematics increased to 72% of students gaining an A*-C.  We have also seen a more modest increase in Science.  English remained static at 62% which was a disappointment.  This unfortunately reflected the national position with many other schools seeing a drop in English results. Overall, we are seeing improvements and we look forward to further improvements in 2015.  If you would like further discussions on the school’s progress, please come to our next Parent’s Forum on Wednesday, 24th September, 7 - 9pm.

David Turrell
Executive Head



Open evening for prospective students and their parents/carers

Please note: the school will close at 2.15pm to allow time for preparation for this event. Post-16 lessons will not be affected. School coaches have been re-organised.


Parent's Forum

An opportunity to discuss the school's progress. Post-16 Centre, 7-9pm. Please use the Post-16 entrance.


PTA Fundraising Fashion Show

High street clothes with up to 50% off RRP. Tickets now on sale from JA Student Services.


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